pfroberts.com is an online compendium of my writing, blogging, photos and other ephemera. While most of my day to day writing happens on blogs (or Twitter, or Facebook), pfroberts.com serves as a central location for my work as a professional and contains information on contacting me, a copy of my resume, and links to some projects I’m working on..I hope you find this site useful!!

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These days my main passion is editing The Security Ledger, an independent security news and analysis blog that explores the intersection of cyber security with the Internet of Things. This Website also collects links to select examples of my prior reporting and freelance writing, including writings on topics such as computer security, technology, business, music, real estate and more.
Blogging Belmont Radio shows and interviews
In my free time, I edit BloggingBelmont.com a three year-old citizen powered blog serving Belmont, Massachusetts with news, events, political opinion and more. Check it out! This section is a work in progress, but will include links to my work in radio, including interviews and shows I hosted at WZBC, WVKR and other independent radio stations.


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    I'm an experienced writer, reporter and industry analyst with a decade of experience covering IT security, cyber security and hacking, and a fascination with the fast-emerging "Internet of Things."

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