About Me

Paul F. RobertsThanks for visiting my Web page! My name is Paul F. Roberts and I’m a writer and journalist based in Boston, Massachusetts.

I’m an experienced writer with a decade of work as a reporter and industry analyst covering IT security, cyber security and hacking. Prior to donning the reporter’s cap, I spent close to a decade in the technology field, providing technical communications, product training and marketing and communications services to firms including Cisco Systems, Logica and SteelPoint Technologies (now part of Autonomy Corp. PLC).

More recently, I served as editor of the computer security blog  Threatpost.com. My work has also appeared in  The Boston Globe, Salon.com, Fortune Small Business, as well as ZDNetComputerworld, InfoWorld, eWeek, CIO , CSO , ITWorld.com and  The 451 Group. I was, yes, a guest on The Oprah Show — but it’s a long story.