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I write about a variety of topics, cyber security chief among them. In addition to my reporting on The Security Ledger (my blog), I’m a contributor to Christian Science Monitor Passcode. This page pulls together my writing from those to sources as well as assorted writing- to the extent that it is still available online.


The Fate of Indie Music as we know it 03/20/2007
Just as Uncle Sam has finally cracked down on payola in corporate radio, the government has dealt a blow to Internet radio, the only promising home to music beyond the top 40.

Buy Lie and Sell High 08/06/2002
How investment banks sold the American economy down the river.

Data Security: The Missing Piece Of E-Discovery 07/21/09
e-Discovery and response to discovery are top priorities for companies that worry about being on the wrong side of employee, shareholder or customer lawsuits, but could issues of data (and network) integrity undermine the admissibility of those documents in court?

Critical Infrastructure At Risk Of Cyberattacks. What You Can Do 06/30/09
Today, private and public entities that manage critical infrastructure face both increasing threats and increasing oversight by auditors. What’s an IT administrator to do?

Dumped Patient Records Underscore Tougher HIPAA Enforcement 05/15/2009
Health care providers that might have been tempted to play fast and loose with HIPAA compliance rules in the past are in for a rude awakening, as a feistier DHHS combines with new HIPAA provisions that strengthen enforcement and stiffen civil penalties for violations.


New Kids on the (Auction) block – 09/02/2007
With record numbers of foreclosures in the bay state, online services allow investors of all stripes to get a piece of the action.

Brokers in Blogsville – 04/29/2007
Agents are going online to get knowledge and information — and their opinions — out

Price Check – 03/04/2007
Real estate websites often have widely different estimates of a home’s worth as they struggle to get accurate property data

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Mobile Security can no longer be ignored – 03/18/2009
Starting this week at the annual CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, some of the world’s best hackers will crack their knuckles and get to work on a different kind of problem: hacking mobile devices including Apple’s über popular iPhone.

Economy, SMB Security to dominate RSA Conference – 04/17/2009
I’ve always found it ironic that the show, which started as a retreat for monkish cryptographers, has morphed into the back-slapping, business development Lollapalooza that it is today, but so it is.


Harden Facebook? Sure, but where to start? – 12/05/2008
You may have heard the news that everybody’s favorite social network, Facebook, won a big legal settlement on Monday against spammers who were using the 100 million strong network to distribute “sleazy messages” to its users. That’s good news and, superficially. Unfortunately, winning a diamond-studded $873m judgement against a cubic zirconia kind of guy like plaintiff Adam Guerbuez and Atlantis Blue Capital doesn’t even scratch the surface of the security question when it comes to Facebook.

As goes Ohio, so goes the country – 07/04/2008
What do 225,000 Ohio taxpayers, 64,000 state employees and 600 lucky holders of winning lottery tickets have in common? They were all unlucky enough to have some of their personal information stored on a “data backup device” in the back seat of 22 year old Jared Ilovar’s Chevy Cobalt, on the evening of June 10th. An unidentified passerby noticed the tape (and Mr. Ilovar’s radar detector), and decided to help him or herself to both.